Saturday, April 5, 2008

Something to Blog About by Shana Norris Book Review

Something to Blog About by Shana Norris
(Amulet Books, Hardcover)

Libby's having a rough time. Her mother is dating Angel's father, the evilest girl in school, and Seth, her crush, barely notice she's alive. Plus, she just set her hair on fire in front of her whole chemistry class, which includes Seth. What's a girl to do? Libby decides to start writing in an online journal, setting it to private so that no one will learn her innermost thoughts. Now that Libby has somewhere to vent, life is getting better. Until her mom invites over Angel and her father for a "bonding" dinner. Then Angel posts Libby's blog pages all over school and Libby's life is a mess again.

The chapters in this book are interspersed with pages from Libby's blog. I loved this format because it was fun reading Libby's posts and, because of the "normal" chapters, you also get to hear the other characters talk. There's also some IMing throughout for extra fun. Libby is an absolutely lovable character and I fell in love with her the moment that she caught her hair on fire (which you learn about in her post called GIRL ON FIRE). It's such a fun hodge podge of high shool calamity and the ending is equally great - not too perfect. I recommend reading this if you're feeling down about your own embarrasing moment or if you're just looking for a fun read.


  1. I just saw this today sometime, and just looking at the title and cover (who really follows that old saying don't judge a book by it's cover?) I wanted to read it. Your review just made me want to read it more. :D


  2. This looks fab. Can't wait for it.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the comment over on my blog! Would you like to exchange links? I'm putting yours up right now. :)

    PS. I loved your interview with Elizabeth. She's awesome! ;)

    (The Ravenous Reader)

  4. i better read this...i love high school angst!

  5. this book sounds really cute!! great review :D

  6. Good review :] This book looks pretty interesting.


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