Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Last Apprentice - Halloween Read

Imagine that you are the only thing that stands between civilization and the things that go bump in the night. You alone must protect friends, family, and strangers from evil spirits such as witches, banes, and boggarts. Thomas Ward is the Spook's Apprentice and his job is to help the Spook defeat these creatures. Not only is Thomas the Spook's Apprentice, but he is also The Last Apprentice. For years, Old Gregory has protected the County from evil, but his time is passing and he needs to find the next Spook. Twenty-nine apprentices have tried and failed. Thomas is the last hope.

This is a great series to read for Halloween. Though written for middle readers, these books make delightfully scary reads for older audiences as well. The first in this series by Joseph Delaney is Revenge of the Witch, followed by Curse of the Bane and Night of the Soul Stealer. Delaney has quite a following in the UK but this series is still fairly new to the U.S. Another really cool thing about these books is the beautiful chapter art. Each chapter is decorated with a wood-cut type drawing. The page is black with a white outline depicting a spooky scene. I also found this great review of the series over at Bookmoot.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I am so glad you let me know that you had read it. I have not read the third one yet. I love the story, the illustrations and the design of the books themselves.

  2. i hav read all 4 books.do no if there's going to be a 5th book?

  3. Yes here will. It will be released August 28th.

  4. very very good books cant wait for 5 i just finished the 4th it was great but i think tibb was talking about alice not mab

  5. I think that book 5 was great. I hoping that tom will end up with one the puppies from tooth and claw

  6. I love these books! I read all 5 including The Spook's Tale. Already ordered Clash of the Demons!


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