Review Policy

Thanks for thinking of Em’s Bookshelf when planning blog promotion for your book!  Below is my general review policy.  Please feel free to email me at emsbookshelf (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions or if you would like me to review your book.

Please note that I only review books classified as Teen or Young Adult, as well as some MG and adult books that have crossover appeal.  I do not accept the following genres for review, unless they have strong teen appeal: non-fiction, religious fiction, picture books, or memoirs.  If your book meets the above criteria, I happily accept review requests.  Due to time constraints, I cannot guarantee a review for every book that I receive.  However, I promise to donate your book to a school classroom of my choice if I do not review it (and, in most cases, even if I do review it).  And, of course, I reserve the right to review the book as positively or as negatively as I see fit.

I do consider e-books or pdf’s for review. At this time, I am not accepting self-published novels.

If the book is an ARC, I will try to review the book in the month surrounding its release date. If the book has already been published, please note that it may take me anywhere from 2-6 months to read it and review it. 

My Stats:
As of January 2010, I receive an average of 100 views on my blog a day.  I have 422 subscribers via Google Reader.  The top three visiting countries are the US, Canada, and Australia.  If there is another stat that you, as a publisher or author, find useful, please let me know and I’ll try to add it.

Interviews, Guestblogs, Contests, Etc.
Besides reviews, I am also happy to host interviews, guest blogs, and contests for an author.  Generally, I like to have a copy of the book before agreeing to conduct an interview or host a guest blog.  I’m also open to other promotional ideas so feel free to email me if you have an out-of-the-box idea.

Best wishes,
emsbookshelf (at) gmail (dot) com