Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott Book Review

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott
(Simon Pulse, Paperback)

Kate’s life used to be pretty good. She had a great best friend and her dad had a normal job. In just six months, everything has changed. Anna, Kate’s best friend, isn’t talking to her anymore and Kate’s dad has quit his job to sell Perfect You vitamins at a free-standing booth in the mall. Kate has to quit choir so she can help her dad out. (The vitamin business isn’t doing so well and he can’t pay his employees so Kate and her brother Todd are roped in to help.) If this all wasn’t bad enough, Kate has started hooking up with Will in the mall alley. Will is cute and popular but Kate is worried that she’s just a diversion until his next hookup.

Kate is a completely believable character—her story pulled me in and I was cheering for her the whole time. It’s tough being a teenager and it’s even tougher when you don’t have the support of your family and friends. Kate’s mom and brother are dealing with their own problems and you can’t help but wish they would pay attention to Kate for just a little bit. Will is the one bright spot in Kate’s life. Again though, Kate has been trampled on by most everyone so she’s not quite ready to trust Will. Scott makes it easy to see it from Kate’s point of view, too. Does Will really like Kate or is she just one of the many girls that he flirts with? The dialogue between Will and Kate is really fun to read and I think the cover image sums up their relationship perfectly. I can just imagine Kate holding herself back, a little unsure, while Will is confidently leaning in towards their conversation.

I recommend snatching up a copy of Perfect You when it comes out next week. And if you just can’t wait until then, check out Elizabeth Scott’s first novel Bloom, which I reviewed here or read my interview with Elizabeth.


  1. Mrs S | 50 Book ChallengeMarch 28, 2008 at 4:37 AM

    I just found your blog and had to comment after reading your About Me - I just posted a comment on my own site about my perfect library and I too want the one from Beauty & the Beast! That would be my idea of heaven :)

  2. bloom is a really good book. i would recommend it to all teens who love romance and teenage love. i would give it 5 stars. without vampires its close to being rated next to twilight in my favs. i really liked the big. it gave enough details and it was an easy to read book but still had the drama of a teenage life in the book. its a great story. hope you like it as much as i didn . bye.


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