Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Elite by Jennifer Banash Book Review

The Elite by Jennifer Banash
(Penguin, Paperback)

Casey McCloy is moving to the big city to live with her grandmother. Casey has lived in a small town all her life and she's not quite prepared for New York City or for the private school in which she's been enrolled. Then Madison, the most popular girl in school, befriends her, and Drew, the cutest guy in school, starts paying attention to Casey. But is Madison really her friend? And is Drew still hung up on Madison, the girl he broke up with?

The Elite is the first in a series by Jennifer Banash and it feels like it. Several plot elements are left open and the ending hints at a sequel. Banash has a knack for creating interesting characters. Madison is a snotty rich girl, but she also has family problems. Casey is a small-town girl determined to fit in to her new school. And even though Drew can't resist Madison, he proves himself to be an incredibly sweet, smart guy. The flow of the novel is interrupted by the plethora of brand names and designer names. If you're into fashion and feel like googling every single item of clothing and accessory that is mentioned, then you'll be fine. Otherwise, prepare to be frustrated by the descriptions. I only gave it two stars because I found the fashion name-dropping distracting. If you are interested in fashion, then this will probably be a three star book for you. I did really enjoy the characters in this book and look forward to future installments.

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