Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poetry Friday : Nocturne

by Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Up to her chamber window,
A slight wire trellis goes
And up this Romeo's ladder
Clambers a bold white rose;
I lounge in the ilex shadows,
I see the lady lean
Unclasping her silken girdle,
The curtain folds between.

She smiles on her white rose lover,
She reaches out her hand.
And helps him in at the window,
I see it when I stand,
To her scarlet lips she holds him,
And kisses him many a time.
Ah me! 'twas he that won her
Because he dared to climb.


To learn more about Poetry Friday, visit Big A little a. This week's Poetry Friday round-up is at Kelly Polark.


  1. Cute poem! Kisses him many a time :) I like that.

  2. Nice imagery of flowers intertwined with fairy tales and Shakespearean tragedy. Next time I see a white rose climbing a trellis, I'll view it differently.

    (Book Brew)


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