Sunday, August 30, 2009

Evermore by Alyson Noel Book Review

Evermore by Alyson Noel
(Paperback, St. Martin's Griffin, 2009)


Ever used to be a normal teenager - cheerleader, one of the most popular girls in school, always showing off her long blonde hair. When an accident killed her parents and almost killed her, Ever started to see people's auras and now she goes out of her way to avoid contact with anyone. High school, for Ever, is just a loud mesh of voices and feelings and it's too much for her to bear. Then she meets Damen, a mysterious, rich boy who makes the world go quiet when he touches her. But who is Damen and he is really good for Ever?

I've been on a supernatural kick this summer and Evermore kept jumping out at me from the bookshelves. The cover is so beautiful that I just couldn't resist. Written in present tense, this novel has a feeling of immediacy that made it hard to put down. Not only is Ever confronted with this new ability to see auras, but she is also surrounded by people with secrets and it's hard for her to know who to trust. Damen seems wonderful. He is the only one who can shut out the sounds around Ever, but he disappears for long periods of time and Ever knows that he's not telling her everything. My favorite character, though, is Riley, Ever's sister who is now a ghost. Riley is spooky and unnerving, yet compelling in an annoying younger sister sort of way. All in all, this was an exciting book and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, Blue Moon.


  1. Ouch, one star! But reading your review you seemed to like it.

  2. Oh whoops, that's just cos the page loaded slowly! I see it's actually three stars!

  3. hey any one know where i can lisen to tha audio book for free? or read it?

  4. I really loved this book. I recommened it to anyone at a teen age or pre-teens.


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