Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott Book Review

The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott
(Simon Pulse, Hardcover, April 2010)

Among girlfriends, there is one unwritten rule - do not steal your best friend's boyfriend.  When Brianna starts dating Ryan, Sarah is crushed because she's liked Ryan for years.  Sarah doesn't intend to steal Ryan from Brianna but as the three begin to hang out more, it's obvious Ryan and Brianna's relationship isn't great.  So when Sarah finds out that Ryan likes her back, she kisses him, twice.  Can Sarah and Brianna's friendship survive this and is Ryan worth it?

I've been a big fan of Elizabeth Scott's writing ever since her first book, Bloom.  Her characters are real and endearingly flawed.  In The Unwritten Rule, Sarah is insecure and she feels lucky that Brianna is her best friend.  Though Brianna constantly puts Sarah down, Sarah takes it because, without Brianna, she feels lost.  And as for Ryan, let's just say that I enjoyed reading a book where the boy wasn't portrayed as this evil person breaking up a friendship.  The Unwritten Rule is an absorbing novel about growing up, finding your own way, and the importance of breaking some rules.


  1. I am DYING to read this. . . can't wait!

  2. I REALLY need to catch up on Elizabeth Scott's books. She has so many!

  3. I can't wait to read this! Excited!
    I love your new blog heading!!

  4. Cute heading!!!!
    And I can't wait to get my hands on this!!!


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