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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer Book Review

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
(Hardcover, Hachette)


New Moon starts off with immediate suspense and Bella is put in danger. Wanting to protect her, Edward decides that his presence is what puts Bella at risk and so he leaves town. Bella slides into a deep depression and the only thing that saves her is her friendship with Jacob, a boy from the local reservation. Jacob is also a werewolf, the archnemesis of vampires.

I think New Moon is my favorite book of the series. I've heard people say that they don't like it because Edward isn't it in as much, but that didn't really bother me. Probably because of that amazing character development of Stephenie Meyer's. Bella's depression was crucial to my understanding of how much she loved Edward and how imperative he is in her life (otherwise, the events and declarations in Book 3 would have seemed a little false). What really struck me was the use of white space on the page to show not only the passing of time but also Bella's bleak outlook. Pages 85-92 simply contain one word on every other page: October, November, December, and January. And then the next chapter is titled "Waking Up" and consists of 5 sentences starting with "Time passes". It's such a bleak and desperate few pages. I have only one word for this - GENIUS.

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  1. You know its funny I really liked New Moon too. But I HATED Bella in it. I got so frustrated with her that I could hardly stand it. But I really liked this one despite Bella annoying the crap out of me! :)

  2. I agree with mollie. Bella reely ticked me off, and i got really mad @ her. but i still liked the book. oh yeah, dis iz kc, comin @ ya!

  3. I agree, I also love ally carter! I want to read the 1st one I accidentally read the 2nd one first

  4. I found this book very difficult to read because I too began to feel Bella's pain for Edward. I was so depressed that I had to stop reading it for a while. Stephanie Meyer's description of Bella's pain was too real for me, and I felt myself longing for Edward. I never had a book touch me in that way. It was scary.

  5. I didn't like new moon at first, but as i got into it, i loved it. I think the reason I wasn't sure about it was because edward wasn't in it. But it is a great story-line and had a lot of variety in it x

  6. This book was amazing! Even though Edward wasn't in there, Jacob made it also interesting. I can't wait to read Eclipse.


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