Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Good Series for Younger Siblings

It's been fun reading all of the middle grade novels that were nominated for the Cybils. Some, I've reviewed here because they have teen appeal. Such as The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (fabulous and highly recommended). One book that deserves a shout out is Grim Hill: The Secret Deepens by Linda DeMeulemeester. This is book two of the Grim Hill series. In this book, Cat Peters has two main concerns: the girls versus boys soccer game and her sister's sudden obsession with magic. This is a cute book about sports and team work, as well as a fun story about the fairy world. When Cat's sister Sookie finds an old turban in the attic and begins performing magic tricks while wearing it, strange things happen in their town. Winter winds blow in and freeze the town. Kids start falling asleep and not waking up. So it's up to Cat and her friend Jasper to solve the mystery of the turban and venture back up Grim Hill into the fairy realm. Fun and adventure-filled, this book would be great for any younger sibling, especially if they like soccer and magic.

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  1. Your snowing! How do you make it do that? That's really cool. I'm mesmerized watching the snow.

    I thought the first Grim Hill book was fun last year, and I'm glad to know this one is, too.


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