Friday, December 19, 2008

In Memory: A Poetry Friday Post

Threads of Her Journey
by Raymond A. Foss

A tapestry is being stitched
story by story,
step by step, thread by thread
Pictures of her life come alive
with threads of gold,
of silver, of royal purple,
of hope, of faith, of love
her story unfolding
in the fabric, the knitted
tapestry of her life.

This week's Poetry Friday post is in memory of a fellow blogger, Dewey.  Dewey's blog, The Hidden Side of a Leaf, was one of the first blogs that I started reading and, in my mind, she stood as an example of the very best things about blogging: great book recommendations, lively discussions, and community. She touched many lives in her blogging career and she will be very much missed.  This poem made me think of her because in the past couple of weeks, I've read so many wonderful stories about her in the blogosphere, about her generosity, her creativity, and her love of books.

To learn more about Poetry Friday, visit Big A little a. This week's Poetry Friday round-up is at Author Amok.


  1. What a lovely poem, and such a fitting tribute to Dewey. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful post, Em. Dewey was a marvelous person.


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