Sunday, July 5, 2009

Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund Book Review

Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund
(Penguin Speak, Paperback, 2009)


Aerin and Dane are both captives, Aerin to her past and Dane to his position in society. When the two meet at Academy 7, the attraction is undeniable. At first the two are competitors, vying for the top spot at the prestigious school. But secrets from their parents' time at the school threaten their lives and the two turn to each other in friendship. Set in an indeterminate future, Academy 7 portrays a budding romance between two teens caught in the middle of a political mystery.

Aurelia, Anne Osterlund's first novel, is a fantasy, full of court intrique. Academy 7 has many of the same elements, a friendship between two unlikely people, romance, and an underlying philosophical take on world politics. Normally, I don't like science fiction. However, this book really captured my imagination. The chemistry between Aerin and Dane jumps off the page and I enjoyed the way that they both challenged and comforted each other. As with Aurelia, I want to know more about their world and about their past and I hope that Anne Osterlund writes a sequel. This is definitely a novel that I could see being spun into a series. Don't get me wrong though - the ending was very satisfying! I highly recommend this book even if, like me, science fiction isn't normally your thing.


  1. It sounds pretty interesting :)

  2. I totally agree viz the science fiction part of it, that this is one to give to fans of YA romance rather than sci fi fans! I wonder if there will be more of the later in the sequel, assuming there will be one...

  3. I totally thought it was waiting for a sequel!

    I so expected this book to be all romance, and it really wasn't, which surprised me!

  4. Hi Em,

    Thank you for taking the time to read and review Academy 7. Much appreciated! I'm sure Aerin, and Dane also, though he would never admit it, are thrilled that you took the time to share about their story. Also there are excerpts up on my website if anyone is unsure about the book and would like to read them first to see what they think.

    Anne Osterlund

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Anne! :)

  6. will there be a sequel to academy 7?

  7. I have read this book and thought it was really really great.... and i also how there is a sequel!!

  8. The book was amaxing! I especially loved the twist @ the end that involved thier parents!!!


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