Thursday, July 2, 2009

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen Book Review

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
(Viking, Hardcover, 2009)


Auden's life up til now has been a serious affair. When her parents were still tumultuously married, she learned early to stay quiet and behave. As a result, she missed out on life, learning how to ride a bike, and the joys of friendship. Auden plans to spend her summer before college with her dad and his new family in the beach town of Colby. What she doesn't expect is to find herself working at a cute boutique, cooing to her new baby sister, and spending sleepless nights with fellow loner, Eli.

Summer just wouldn't be summer without a new Sarah Dessen book to enjoy. Auden joins the rank of Sarah's other real life heroines, someone we could all be and someone whose life we can all understand. That's what I enjoy most about Sarah Dessen's books, the accessibility. All of her characters are dealing with everyday issues. Along for the Ride asks the question, after the sun goes down and the beachgoers head home, what happens during the long summer nights? Auden finds herself unable to sleep at night (some readers may recognize the signs of a girl who carries too much worry and stress) so she walks the town at night and meets Eli, a loner unable to forget a tragic accident. Their nightime friendship teaches Auden that life shouldn't always planned, that sometimes it's better to just go along for the ride. Beautifully written, Along for the Ride is another heartwarming hit from one of my favorite authors.

p.s. Has anyone else noticed that Sarah Dessen's main characters keep getting older and older? Along for the Ride ends with Auden at college. I wonder if Sarah will write a novel about a college student next. Just a thought...


  1. I love Sarah Dessen.
    She always been my fav since I red SomeoneLikeYou,<3
    I red this one last week & loved it.
    And that is ture.

  2. I'm so excited for this be released in the UK. I'm reading That Summer at the moment. Fabulous!

  3. I've never read any Dessen and I keep debating which to start with. Usually, I get a little disillusioned with younger characters, so the age thing sounds good to me. Any recommendations?

    Also, over on my blog, you'll find I've given you an award! Thanks, Em!

  4. My mom picked up my copy of this and is quite enjoying it. I just love Sarah Dessen.

    Maybe she WILL do a college student - I hadn't noticed the aging thing.

  5. I really do need to read this...

    Cute new header, by the way!

  6. I just read my first Dessen book, This Lullaby, and loved it! I'm looking forward to this one too.

  7. I love Sarah Dessen. This book arrived in my mail box last week. It's been shifted to the top of my reading pile. I really should stop doing that; the pile is getting bigger and bigger and I keep moving books to the top. So much to read, not nearly enough time to read it all in!


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